Podujatia SDVS v roku 2019

Jún - Červen, 6.-8.6. 2019 (štvrtok, piatok, sobota), XV. kongres českých a slovenských dermatovenerologů, kurzy, workshopy, satelitné sympóziá, stretnutie sekcií, Hotel Clarion Olomouc, organizátor: ČDS ČLS JEP, SDVS, Odborný garant: prof. MUDr. Petr Arenberger, DrSc., MBA, Kontakt: www.jasta.cz a www.derm.cz , kliknite sem pre první informace o Česko-slovenském kongresu 2019 - prof. MUDr. Petr Arenberger, DrSc, MBA, FCMA

December, 13.-14.12. 2019, (piatok, sobota), Jubilejné XX.-te Smrdácke dni, Prírodné liečebné kúpele Smrdáky. Témy: psoriáza, atopická dermatída, melanóm, balneoterapia, varia. Hlavný organizátor a odborný garant: Slovenská dermatovenerologická spoločnost'. Organizačné zabezpečenie podujatia: MUDr. Ján Lidaj, Prírodné liečebné kúpele, 906 03 Smrdáky, tel. 0903 425 950 jan.lidaj@spasmrdaky.sk

Podujatia Občianske združenie „Kožní lekári za zdravú kožu.“ Plán školiacich akcií v odbore dermatovenerológia na rok 2019

15.-16.3. 2019, hotel Victoria, Martin. Témy: Okienko do literatúry, Okienko do histórie, Celková terapia psoriázy, Možnosti lokálnej liečby psoriázy, Periorálna dermatitída, Novinky v liečbe isotretinoinom, Biologická liečba v dermatológii. Kontaktná osoba : MUDr. G. Kolátorová, Líščie údolie 57, Bratislava

10.-11.5. 2019,  hotel Victoria, Martin. Témy: Okienko do literatúry, Okienko do histórie, Praktické  skúsenosti s epidémiou venerického ochorenia, Úloha ÚVZ v epidémii venerického ochorenia, Imunostatus pacienta, prezentácia výsledkov, Autoimunita. Kontaktná osoba: MUDr. V. Flimer, Sládkovičova 8, Žiar nad Hronom

20.-21.9. 2019, hotel Victoria, Martin. Okienko do literatúry, Okienko do histórie, Genodermatózy, Raritné dermatózy novorodencov, Kazuistiky z detskej dermatovenerológie, Alopécie. Kontaktná osoba: MUDr. V. Flimer, Sládkovičova 8, Žiar nad Hronom

8.-9.11. 2019, hotel Victoria, Martin. Témy: Okienko do literatúry, Okienko do histórie, Súčasné možnosti laseroterapie, Infekčné dermatózy, Zoonózy, Čo nového v dermatovenerológii. Kontaktná osoba : MUDr. G. Kolátorová, Líščie údolie 57, Bratislava

Krajské semináre

Zahraničné podujatia 2019

Dear SPIN Psoriasis National Representatives, As you know, the sixth edition of the Congress the SPIN - Skin Inflammation & Psoriasis International network will take place from the 25th to the 27th April 2019 at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Paris, in France. Which theme for SPIN 2019The global theme for the congress will centre around ‘Value Creation For Chronic Inflammatory Skin Diseases’. For 2019, in close collaboration with Spanish Psoriasis Group, the 6th Congress of the SPIN - Skin Inflammation & Psoriasis International Network proposes a dynamic, interdisciplinary and interactive programme. A holistic view of the inflammatory skin diseases, particularly focused on psoriasis, psoriasis arthritis and atopic dermatitis, including teaching, sharing, understanding of the different scenarios around the world, keeping in mind also the perspective of the patient. As a national representative of the SPIN Network, we kindly ask you to support the promotion of the SPIN 2019. You’ll find hereby enclosed, a flyer, a PPT slide and a banner with all the key information about the congress. This will help you spread the word to your local network through the usual communication tools (flyers/ slides during your national meeting, announcements on websites, adding the banner to your email signature, through your social networks…). Please let us know if you need printed flyers to be sent to you. Because this Congress can only be a success with a wide range of attendants, we have trust on your involvement and responsiveness. If you need anything to help you promote this Congress, don’t hesitate to contact our secretary office at this address, we will be more happy to answer your needs. The dedicated website www.spin2019.com is regularly updated: stay informed about the event’s latest news by visiting it regularly. Thank-you for your support!  Kindest regards, Jo Lambert President SPIN - Skin Inflammation & Psoriasis International Network mail: president@spindermatology.org
NEW URL! www.spindermatology.org


Date  01–04 May 2019 Congress Venue CityCube Berlin Germany, Berlin. Congress President Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Leena Bruckner-Tuderman. Professional Congress Organiser MCI Deutschland GmbH MCI | Germany – Berlin Markgrafenstr. 56 10117 Berlin, Germany T: +49 30 204590 F: +49 30 2045950 ddg@mci-group.com www.derma.de


10 to 15 June, 2019 http://www.wcd2019milan.org

Welcome to Milan. Welcome to WCD2019.  Dear Colleagues and Friends,The Italian S ociety of Dermatology (SIDeMaST) is honored to host in Milan the 24th World Congress of Dermatology (WCD) from 10 to 15 June, 2019, held under the auspices of the International League of Dermatological Societies. We are very proud that this prestigious Event will take place in Italy again since 1972.Milan has a rich historic heritage, dating back to its times as capital of the Western Roman Empire. Leonardo da Vinci, the quintessential Renaissance polymath artist and scientist, while in the Milan area drew his iconic Vitruvian man… continue to welcome letter


EADV (Európska Akadémia Dermato-Venerológie)

28th EADV Congress  9-13 October 2019 - Madrid, Spain Read more...



 Podujatia 2021


2012 Annual meeting - Košice, organizačné zabezpečenie Dr. Martinásková,

After the Board Meeting held on Thursday 19. october we are happy to announce that the 21-th ESPD Annual mMeeting will take place in Košice, Slovakia in 2021.



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