Pracovná skupina Mladých dermatovenerológov (PSMD)


príspevok zaslal MUDr. Slavomír Urbanček, PhD



Hôpital Saint-Louis - Pavilion Bazin - 1, avenue Claude Vellefaux - 75010 Paris - France Tel: +33153722060 - Fax: +33153722061 - @: -

Name and address:

I hope to participate to the meeting "Keratinocytes and cutaneous innate immunity", organised the Fri­day 25th November 2011 by the FONDATION RENE TOURAINE, at the "Musee des Moulages, Saint-Louis Hospital" in PARIS.

Registration fees: Ph.D., M.D. 150 €

Resident Chief resident Students* 35€ * Please provide certificate

Thank you to indicate if you want to take your lunch with the participants, at the St-Louis Hospital site 31 €.

Mail the registration with payment or proof of payment to Fondation Rene Touraine, Hôpital Saint-Louis, Pa­vilion Bazin - 1, avenue Claude Vellefaux, 75010 - PARIS, or by Fax to the number: 33-1- 53 72 20 61. You can pay by check or by bank transfert, please contact Fondation for informations.

Informations by phone to the 33-1-53 722060, Fax to the 33153722061 or e-mail:   


19th SCIENTIFIC MEETING 2011 Friday 25th November 2011, Paris Au Musee des Moulages de I'Hôpital Saint-Louis 1 avenue Claude Vellefaux - 75010 Paris  



9:00-9:40 T. LUGER Keratinocytes: a key cell in cutaneous immune response

9:40-10:20 M.C. LEITE DE MORAES Key role of NKT complex antigen recognition


10:40-11 :20 J-M. SCHRODER A role of epithelial S100-like proteins in cutaneous defense

11 :20-12:00 M. MEMPEL Biological response of keratinocytes against virus

12:00 Winners of fellowships

12:10 Lunch Pause

13:30-14:00 K. WOLK L22 and cutaneous immunity

13:30-14:00 J. SCHAUBER Innate immunity in atopic dermatitis

14:30-15:00 M. SCHMUTH Skin barrier function and the cutaneous microbiome


15:30-16:00 M. GILLIET Innate immune response in psoriasis

16:00-16:30 P. MUSETTE Role of Toll like receptors in cutaneous and systemic response

La Fondation Rene Touraine est une Fondation reconnue d'utilite publique.


Registration: Fondation Rene Touraine, Hop. Saint-Louis, Pavilion Bazin, 1 avenue Claude Vellefaux - F-75475 Paris - France.Tel: 33 (0)1 53722060 - Fax: 33 (0)1 53 722061 - email:  


 vložené 1.5.2011, príspevok zaslal MUDr. Dušan Buchvald, PhD

From: Nikki Haton []
Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2011 11:41 PM
To: ''
Subject: Updated - CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: 2012 AAD Annual Meeting Poster Exhibit Scholarship

Sent on behalf of Dr. DeDee Murrell, Chair, World Congress Education Fund Task Force

April 28, 2011

Dusan Buchvald, MD, President, Slovak Dermatovenereological society, Slovakia

Dear Dr. Buchvald:

It is my pleasure to invite the Slovak Dermatovenereological society to participate in an international scholarship program for developing countries administered by the World Congress Fund Review Task Force of the American Academy of Dermatology.  This scholarship program was established with funds from the 18th World Congress of Dermatology held in New York in 1992.

At this time, applications are being solicited for attendance scholarships for the 70th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology to be held the 16-20 of March, 2012 in San Diego, California.  

On behalf of the World Congress Fund Review Task Force, I would like to invite you and your colleagues at the Slovak Dermatovenereological society to direct up to 2 eligible applicants to apply at  Awardees will receive a complimentary registration for the meeting and one course (fees for these will be waived), and a stipend to be presented at the Annual Meeting. Their Poster Abstract will be electronically displayed at the AAD Annual Meeting, as part of the Technical Exhibit.

Applicants must be endorsed by their national dermatologic society and attach an official letter of recommendation to their online application (PDF version recommended). Letters of endorsement from Societies must be on official letterhead and signed by officers of the national dermatologic society. Societies may endorse up to 2 eligible dermatologists for this scholarship.

Applicants must be within three years of completion of their dermatology training at the time of the meeting and must submit a Poster Abstract as part of their application for consideration by the World Congress Fund Review Task Force.  Applicants may submit only 1 abstract.  The abstract must be in English and must be submitted through the online application.   Please note that applicants are required to provide accurate and complete information about all presenters for the abstract.  No edits or corrections can be made once the abstract is selected.

Please note that the scholarship program does not include any specific travel expenses.  By applying for the scholarship, applicants indicate that they understand that no travel funds are available and that it will be their responsibility to make their own arrangements and pay for their own travel. Applicants should be aware that hotels can cost up to US$250-US$300 per night and often require a credit card at the time of check-in as insurance against incidental expenses. 

 Previous scholarship recipients are not eligible for the scholarship. The deadline to submit applications online is the 15th of July, 2011 in order to be considered for the 2012 AAD Annual Meeting.  Please note that only the national society can submit a nomination letter – local societies or foundations may not submit letters without an accompanying letter from the national society.

 I want to stress that all those who are interested in applying for scholarships must be nominated by their national society and we are asking you advertise this opportunity to any potential candidates.  If you are not the appropriate individual from your society, please forward the materials to your society’s current president or secretary. 

 In determining nominations, you may use whatever mechanism you choose.  However, it is important to note that your nomination does not mean that an award is automatically granted.  The World Congress Fund Review Task Force will review all nominations and make selections of awardees based on merit and available funding.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Coura Badiane, International Affairs Specialist via email at l applicants will be contacted in August regarding the status of their application. 

Sincerely, DeDee Murrell, MD, Chair, World Congress Education Fund Task Force


 cc:     Coura Badiane, International Affairs Specialist, Nikki Haton, Administrative Assistant


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La Roche-Possay, Laboratoire Dermatologique

IV. KURZ MODERNÍ DERMATOVENEROLOGIE A KOSMETOLOGIE REZIDENTŮ Z ČESKÉ REPUBLIKY A SLOVENSKA (Společný kurz residentů ČR a SR) Praha, 3.-4. června 2011 3. LF UK a FN Královské Vinohrady, Ruská 87 Syllabova posluchárna Odborný garant: Prof. MUDr. Petr Arenberger, DrSc., MBA Registraci Vaší účasti a ubytování zajišťuje technický sekretariát: LIBERTY Telefon: +420 296 337 664, E-mail:  kliknite na pozvánka v pdf formáte


vložené 5.4.2011, príspevok zaslal MUDr. Slavomír Urbanček, PhD

Preposielam ponuku GRAPPY na fellow pre mladeho dermatologa na trening mladych na mitingu GRAPPY 7-9.7.2011 v Neapoli. Kandidat musi ponuknut prednasku alebo poster, deadline na abstrakty je 11.4.

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 11:54 PM
Subject: Reminder: Trainee Abstracts Due April 11

Dear GRAPPA Member: GRAPPA will offer a Trainees Symposium during the GRAPPA Annual Meeting in Naples, Italy.  This is a follow-up message to remind you that if you have a Trainee or Fellow interested in this program, they should submit their abstracts no later than April 11, 2011 for consideration at the meeting in Naples, Italy which is July 7 through 9. Abstracts should be 350 - 400 words long.  In addition to their abstract, Trainees are asked to create a poster or PowerPoint presentation and be willing to travel to Naples for the GRAPPA Annual Meeting. After the abstracts are reviewed by senior investigators in GRAPPA, up to six of the Trainees will be invited to deliver a 10-minute oral presentation followed by 5 minutes of discussion, based on their abstract.  The remainder  , whose abstracts were accepted by the committee, discuss their posters during the
designated time. 

Abstracts must fall into one of these two categories:

.       An abstract describing the results of or progress on a primary research project in PsA or PsO.  Ideally, the research should be of interest to both dermatologists and rheumatologists. --or -- An abstract which is an evidence-based literature review of an issue of interest to both dermatologists and rheumatologists, and includes a relatively concise yet detailed proposal for a research project that directly addresses the issue is also acceptable. The research could either could be carried out in the trainee's center, or a in a broader setting such as a clinical registry or amongst GRAPPA centers. The literature review must be scholarly, and the methodology should be described in detail.


To be selected for presentations posters, a panel of senior GRAPPA members will review and score the abstracts.  The abstracts will be blinded to ensure panel objectivity and reviewers with conflicts of interest on a particular submission will recuse themselves. Our goal is to provide some financial support for participants to attend. Preference will be given to abstracts chosen for oral presentations who cannot obtain local funding, e.g. from a grant or regional corporate support. We encourage both faculty nominating the trainees and the trainees themselves to seek local funding for travel expenses.  There is no charge to attend any of the sessions, but GRAPPA expects that Trainees and their
institutions and/or pharmaceutical grants will cover the travel expenses wherever possible.

MEETING SCHEDULE: We begin with a reception and dinner the evening of Thursday, July 7.  Trainees should have their posters up and on display no later than 8:00 on Friday morning, July 8.  The meeting starts the morning of Friday, July 8 and runs through late afternoon on Saturday, July 9. GRAPPA will pay for 2 or 3 nights lodging for accepted Trainees unless they have found independent funding.
Trainees are asked to make their own transportation arrangements.  GRAPPA will reimburse for flights or train travel up to $400 for those traveling
from Europe, up to $1500 for those coming from the Americas and up to $2000 for those traveling from Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


. Send it in a Word document (limit 350 - 400 words - more is *not* better) . The abstract should include a title, date submitted, name of trainee as
first author, other authors, name of University and department, trainee mailing address, phone number, email address (es) and the name of the GRAPPA
member recommending the trainee's work.  See an example of how the first pages of your abstract should look below.*  Abstracts that omit any of this
information will be returned for revision. . Send it with an email message cover note including the complete contact information: name of trainee, name of University and department, trainee street address (either at work or home), phone number, email address(es). Both the cover note and the abstract should include complete contact
information in the order described.  Two email addresses are preferred to ensure we are able to contact you.

Submissions should be emailed to Pam Love, GRAPPA Project Director at on or before Monday, April 11, 2011.

Abstracts will be ranked by the end of April, at which time you are advised to make your transportation arrangements if accepted.  You will also be
provided with information about how to make your hotel reservations online at the time you are accepted. A sample of the front page format is shown below the signature in this
message. Good luck, and please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions.


Best Regards, Pam Love, Project Director Chris Ritchlin, Chair, GRAPPA Trainees Symposium Philip Mease, President, GRAPPA

*Sample front page, please follow this format:
Psoriatic arthritis and pregnancy: a longitudinal study April 10, 2011
Sylvia Smith, MD; Peter R. Rock, MD; Jose Valdez, MPH, MD
University of Yukon
400 East River Road, MS 4-300
White River, Yukon, B2W 105 Canada
Phone: 999 - 466 - XXXX
Secondary email:

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Prosím zavesiť na našu webovú stránku do priestoru mladých dermatovenerológov.

Dušan Buchvald

Slovakia Call for Applications MHMS BSPD Grant 2011.pdf

20110128 BSPD Grant  2011 Application Form.pdf

20110128 MHMS EADV Scholarship Application Form Lisbon.pdf

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Prosím zavesiť materiály z prílohy na náš web do priestoru pracovnej skupiny mladých dermatovenerológov. Vďaka! Dušan Buchvald

SK Buchvald Dr MHMS announcement Cb 2011.pdf   

EADV Scholarship Application Form Carlsbad MHMS.pdf

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Invitation to the ILDS Scholarship Program_SLOVAKIA.pdf

vložené 23.4.2010, príspevok zaslal MUDr. Dušan Buchvald, PhD

Update on: Current Residents Courses



The call for applications for the upcoming residents' courses below is now open ! Interested? Please visit us at
and display the small posters below where possible and appropriate. -> Complete application files should be either emailed to or
faxed to 0032 265 000 98
either by 30 April, 2010 or 19 September, 2010 respectively. Questions? E-mail us to
fax +32 265 000 98 or phone us at 0032 265 000 90.

vložené 11.2.2010, príspevok zaslal MUDr. Dušan Buchvald, PhD

Scholarship - caal for applications  SK call for MHMS Gothenburg 2010 and BSPD Grant applications.pdfBSPD Grant Application Form 2010.pdfMHMS EADV Scholarship Application Form Gothenburg.pdf  

vložené 11.1.2010, príspevok zaslal MUDr. Dušan Buchvald, PhD II. kurz rezidentov - pozvánka II. Kurz rezidentov, 12.-13.marec 2010, DFNsP, Kramáre, Bratislava

vložené 29.10.2009, príspevok zaslal MUDr. Dušan Buchvald, PhD

Upcoming Fostering Dermatology & Venereology Courses for residents/trainees/registrars

application form Aesthetics     application form Genodermatoses     Promotional advert for FDV program 2010 ok 1      promotional reminder mailing about Fostering D & V Courses 2010

vložené 3.8.2009, príspevok zaslal MUDr. Dušan Buchvald, PhD

Ponuka na prístup k časopisu Drugs in dermatology v online verzii pre členov našej spoločnosti. Kto bude mať záujem, môže sám napísať 
email na uvedenú adresu a z redakcie sa mu ozvú a vyžiadajú si potrebné údaje.

----- Preposlaná správa od ----- Great Opportunity for Members of Your Society pre <>
The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes and distributes articles, case reports and special features
on the treatment of skin diseases, aesthetic enhancements of the skin and other professional advice for physicians in the field.
Dr. Perry Robins, MD Professor Emeritus of Dermatology at the New York University Medical Center and current co-editor, founded the
Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (JDD) in 2002. JDD quickly became a leading publication that focuses on new innovations and medicines in
JDD is currently read by over 15,000 dermatology health care professionals and indexed listed on MEDLINE/PubMed. Articles
published in the JDD go through blind peer-review by our International Editorial Board, which boasts over 150 esteemed dermatologists.  We not only
produce hard copies of the journal, but also an electronic version called eJDD.
To view a sample of eJDD please click here:
If you are interested in receiving our complimentary journal at absolutely no cost, please email me at[2] and
I will forward along all required information.
Thank you Tanvir Ahmed International Market Research Coordinator Physicians Continuing Education
377 Park Avenue South, 6th floor, New York, NY   10016, Phone: (212) 213-5436 ext. 4334, Fax: (212) 213-5439

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----- Preposlaná správa od -----
Dátum: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 12:45:07       Od: "Monica Cauchi" <>
Predmet: EADV-Important information from the Secretary General
Pre: "'Arenberger Petr'" <>, "'Arico Mari'"  <>, "'Baykal Can'" <>, "'Bruze 
Magnus'" <>, "'Buchvald Dusan'" <>, "'Chaidemenos Georgios'" <>, 
"'Deleuran Mette'" <>, "'Hofer Thomas'" <>, "'Holden Colin'" <>, 
"'Karpati Sarolta'" <>, "'Marques Gomes'"  <>, "'Medenica Ljiljana'" <limed@eunet.yu>, 
"'Miller Xavier'" <>, "'Office of the Secretary General'" <>, "'Susitaival Paivikki'" 
<>, "'Szepietowski Jacek'" <>, "'Thune Turid '" <>


Please be advised of the following procedure to be followed regarding affiliated national society members applying for registration at EADV 
academic events:
*       Members of affiliated and paid up National Societies and who are not individual members of EADV to pay €50 less than the non-member 
fee.  This option is not available to EADV members who already pay a reduced fee.
*       This benefit of a reduced fee of €50 must be requested at registration only.  Applicants must quote this information at registration. No retroactive claims will be accepted.
For Berlin, since printed registration forms cannot be altered at this late stage, kindly advise your members that this information is  available on the EADV homepage on the web: <>
National Society members will no longer be asked to pay the full non-members fee and then be given a refund later. Those members who 
qualify for the reduced fee and have paid the full non-member fee will be refunded as soon as possible.
Kind regards
Joseph L Pace
Office of the Secretary-General
European Academy of Dermatology & Venereology
Tel:  +356 21 331 332
Fax:  +356 21 317 616
Email:  <>


1 3053  Školiace miesto kontaktné dermatitídy a profesionálne dermatózy


Katedra dermatovenerológie


kandidátom v špecializačnej príprave zradeným do špecializačného odboru dermatovenerológia pred špecializačnou skúškou

dĺžka trvania:


termín a miesto:

 1.09.2008 - 30.06.2009, Banská Bystrica

počet účastníkov:



MUDr. Slavomír URBANČEK, PhD.

referent štud. oddelenia:



alergická a iritačná kontaktná dermatitída, testovanie kontaktnej alergie, rutinné a špeciálne epikutánne testy, fotokontaktná dermatitída, systémová kontaktná dermatitída, prevencia a liečba kontaktnej dermatitídy, legislatívne aspekty, posudzovanie kožných chorôb z povolania


záverečné vyhodnotenie

kvalifikačné podmienky:

zaradenie do odboru

povinná aktivita:


typ vzdelávacej aktivity:



presný termín po dohode s vedúcim vzdelávacej aktivity, FNsP F. D. Rooseveta, nám. gen. L. Svobodu, B. Bystrica, dermatovenerologické odd.  






















1 3054  Inovačný kurz komplexná prezentácia základných tém v dermatovenerológii


Katedra dermatovenerológie


kandidátom v špecializačnej príprave zradeným do špecializačného odboru dermatovenerológia pred špecializačnou skúškou

dĺžka trvania:


termín a miesto:

 15.04.2009 - 17.04.2009, Banská Bystrica

počet účastníkov:



MUDr. Slavomír URBANČEK, PhD. , prof. MUDr. Juraj PÉČ, CSc.

referent štud. oddelenia:



komplexná prezentácia základných tém v dermatovenerológii: dermatologické propedeutiká, psoriáza, atopická dermatitída, bulózne dermatózy, kontaktná dermatitída, angiológia - hojenie rán, detská dermatológia, onkodermatológia, dermatologická alergológia, dermatologická histopastológia


záverečné vyhodnotenie

kvalifikačné podmienky:

zaradenie do odboru

povinná aktivita:


typ vzdelávacej aktivity:


počet kreditov:



presný termín po dohode s vedúcim vzdelávacej aktivity, FNsP F. D. Rooseveta, nám. gen. L. Svobodu, B. Bystrica, dermatovenerologické odd.


Založenie  pracovnej skupiny mladých dermatovenerológov  pri SDS


V januári 2008 bola skonštituovaná pracovná skupina mladých dermatovenerológov v rámci Slovenskej dermatovenerologickej spoločnosti. Myšlienka vzniku takéhoto zoskupenia doteraz zlyhávala na pasivite mladých dermatovenerológov. V súčasnosti je situácia priaznivejšia, pretože na viacerých pracoviskách sú aktívni mladí dermatológovia ochotní aktívne participovať v rámci uvedeného projektu.


Ciele pracovnej skupiny mladých dermatológov:

1. Našim cieľom je aktivizovať prácu lekárov pracujúcich v odbore dermatovenerológia do 10 rokov od skončenia lekárskej fakulty.

2. V spolupráci s katedrou dermatovenerológie SZU,  lekárskych fakúlt aktívne spolupracovať na vzdelávacích aktivitách.

3. Organizácia kongresov pre mladých dermatovenerológov a sekcií v rámci kongresov  organizovaných Slovenskou dermatologickou spoločnosťou.

4. Motivovať mladých dermatológov k prednáškovej a publikačnej činnosti.

5. Aktívne využívať možnosti zahraničných účelovo viazaných grantov na medzinárodné  podujatia. 

6. V spolupráci s  EADV organizovať výmenné pobyty medzi dermatovenerológmi  európskych krajín.

7. Aktívne sa zúčastnovať  na edukačnom programe vytvoreným EADV pre rezidentov a  ambulantných dermatovenerológov s možnosťou získania vysoko kvalitných

    teoretických  a praktických vedomostí.


Zoznam členov PSMD:

1. Časnochová  Gabriela, DermaPoint  Žilina

2. Galajdová Adriana,  Dermatovenerolog. klinika FN a LFUK  Bratislava

3. Hrabinová-Riaško Alina, Prírodné liečebné kúpele  Smrdáky

4. Ivaničková Nina, Dermatovenerolog. odd. NsP1  Nitra

5. Kampe Tomáš, Dermatovenerolog. klinika UPJŠ a FNLP  Košice

6. Kozub Peter, Dermatovenerolog. klinika FN a LFUK  Bratislava

7. Kudláčová Zuzana, Dermatovenerolog. odd. NsP  Poprad

8. Kuklová Marianna, Dermatovenerolog. odd. FNsP F.D.Roosevelta  Banská Bystrica

9. Masarovičová Alena,  Prírodné liečebné kúpele  Smrdáky

10. Mečiarová Petra, Dermatovenerolog. odd. FNsP F.D Roosevelta  Banská Bystrica

11. Murárová Zuzana, Dermatovenerolog. klinika FN a LFUK  Bratislava

12. Nováčeková Katarína, Dermatovenerolog.amb.  FN Trenčín

13. Perutka František, Dermatovenerolog. odd. NsP Bojnice

14. Soršáková-Trnovská Katarína, Detská dermatovenerolog. klinika DFNsP Bratislava

15. Slováková Lucia ,  Dermatovenerolog. klinika FN a LFUK  Bratislava

16. Stracenská Júlia, DOST Svidník

17. Sochor Martin ,  Dermatovenerolog. klinika FN a LFUK  Bratislava

18. Ševc Ján, Dermatovenerolog. odd.  FNsP F.D Roosevelta  Banská Bystrica

19. Švická Soňa, Dermatovenerolog. klinika UPJŠ a FNLP  Košice

20. Štítna Monika ,Dermatovenerolog. klinika FN a LFUK  Bratislava

21. Šustová Martina, Kožné odd. NsP Nitra

22. Zelenická Marcela  ,  Dermatovenerolog. klinika FN a LFUK   Bratislava

23. Žemberová Michaela , Dermatovenerolog. klinika FN a LFUK  Bratislava


Organizačný výbor:

MUDr. Petra Mečiarová, Dermatovenerologické oddelenie FNsP F.D.R  B. Bystrica

MUDr. Soňa Švická, Dermatovenerologická klinika FN LF UPJŠ Košice

MUDr. Júlia Stracenská, DOST Svidník

MUDr. Peter Kozub , Dermatovenerologická  klinika FN a LFUK Bratislava

MUDr.Katarína Soršáková-Trnovská, Detská dermatovenerologická klinika Bratislava

MUDr. Masarovičová Alena, Prírodné liečebné kúpele  Smrdáky


V januári 2008 bola skonštituovaná pracovná  skupina mladých dermatológov v rámci Slovenskej dermatovenerologickej spoločnosti zaoberajúca sa problematikou mladých dermatovenerológov. Chceli by sme Vás veľmi pekne poprosiť o možnosť rozšírenia stĺpcového menu v rámci internetovej stránky SDS o položku týkajúcu sa mladých dermatológov, kde by sa nachádzali informácie o podujatiach, kurzoch, školeniach a grantoch pre mladých dermatológov, ktoré by mohli zlepšiť našu informovanosť a  efektívnejšie využitie grantov ponúkaných napr. EADV.  Za ochotu veľmi pekne ďakujeme .


S pozdravom za výbor pracovnej skupiny,

MUDr. Petra MečiarováDermatovenerologické oddelenie FNsP F.D.Roosevelta B. Bystrica

MUDr. Soňa ŠvickáDermatovenerologická klinika FN LF UPJŠ Košice

MUDr. Júlia Stracenská, DOST Svidník