Pracovná skupiny psoriázy

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In this number, several issues deserve your attention :

You will also find here the latest psoriasis articles publishes in Pubmed, as well as the new members of the network Psoriasis International.

Recent publications on psoriasis

Follow this link to visit Pubmed’s page summarizing publications on Psoriasis in the last 30 days.

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SOLAPSO – Sociedad Latinoamericana de Psoriasis

SOLAPSO, the Latin American Society of Psoriasis, counted by the end of 2008 with some 1000 members. SOLPASO started working on July 2008 through a coordination committee formed by the doctors Edgardo Chouela, Nora Kogan, Nélida Raimondo and (...)

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XIII Jornadas Psoriasis 2009 - Spain

Accion Psoriasis, the Spanish Patient Association, presents the 2009 edition of Jornadas Psoriasis (Psoriasis Days). This year 9 Psoriasis Day will take place in different cities of Spain, in collaboration with the Official Colleges of (...)

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First Latin American Meeting of Psoriasis

1st. LATIN AMERICAN MEETING OF PSORIASIS REUNION Advances in Psoriasis April 24, 2009 Alvear Palace Hotel – Av. Alvear 1891, Buenos Aires 8:00 – Registration 8:30 – Opening session. Edgardo Chouela (Argentina) 8:40 – Physio-pathogenesis: (...)

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News from medical groups


Algeria creates Psoriasis Group and joins Psoriasis International

Recently created, the Algerian Psoriasis Group (Groupe Algérien du Psoriasis) counts already with some 10 members and is still under formation. The Algerian Group has joined the Psoriasis International Network, where its website is being (...)

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Indonesian Psoriasis Study Group joins the Psoriasis International Network

The Indonesian Psoriasis Study Group was created in 2000, it counts some 50 members and is patronized by the Indonesian Dermatologist Association. Its members are dermatologists from all major universities which have a dermato-venerology (...)

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News from patients associations


Conference Debate "Pathogenic and Therapeutic Novelties"

On demand of the town of Silly "Présence et Action Culturelle" (Presence and Cultural Action), the Belgian patient association GIPSO asbl organised a conference-debate on the "Pathogenic and Therapeutic Novelties in Psoriasis", on the development (...)

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Acción Psoriasis submits a wide awareness project on psoriasis

Acción Psoriasis has presented the project « Acércate. Hablemos de Psoriasis » (Come closer. Let’s talk about psoriasis.) to the campaign « Tú eliges. Tú decides » (You choose. You decide) of the Foundation Caja Navarra. Acción Psoriasis’ project aims at (...)

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A strong support to European Dermatology Forum - Press Information by EUROPSO

The Executive Committee of EUROPSO has decided to announce its strong support to the European Dermatology Forum, EDF. The Forum has published a White Book with an action plan in November 2000. The action plan proposes: A task force should be (...)

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Vazeni kolegovia, clenovia psoriatickeho klubu,

zatial mi nik neposlal ziaden navrh. Preposielam Vam navrhy kanadskeho psoriaticeho klubu.

Slavo Urbancek

Dear Emmanuelle,

This preliminary program looks very interesting.

Additional sessions could be added. A session on CONTROVERSIES would be welcome. The followings could be discussed during this session:

-Methotrexate: What are your recommandations for liver biopsies ? What are the current recommendations in Rheumatology?

-Biologics: How long can we stop if this is required (pregnancy, others). What is the risk of non response when resuming Etanercept, Adalimumab, Infliximab? Other risks?

-How rare are rare adverse events with biologics ?

-Are the followings absolute contraindications to biologics: history of lymphoma. History of melanoma.

-TB testing: how, when. What to do when the TST is positive ?

-What is in the pipeline for new treatments in psoriasis (topical, oral, parenteral) ? Celgene and Pfizer among others have new molecules in phase II trials.

- Management of psoriasis appearing de novo in patients already receiving anti-TNF therapy for arthritis.

-The burden of psoriasis: loss of life years in psoriasis sufferers. Does it change our perception of treatment ?

May I suggest lecturers?

-I would agree to lecture on all these topics (Yves Poulin)

-Others from Canada:

    Wayne Gulliver

    Richard Langley

    Robert Bissonnette

    Kim Papp

    Lyn Guenther

    Vincent Ho

    Harvey Lui

-If looking for rheumatologists with special expertise in biologics from Canada:

    Paul Boulos Haraoui, from Montreal

    Ed Keystone, from Toronto

    Daphne Gladman from Toronto

If needed I can give you the email of each of these potential lecturers (except D. Gladman that I don't know personnally).

Kind regards,

Yves Poulin

From: Emmanuelle Viau

Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008 11:50 AM

Subject: PSORIASIS 2010 - Congress of the Psoriasis International Network - Paris, 1-4 July 2010

Paris, November 24, 2008

Dear colleagues,
In coordination with the Psoriasis International Network, the German Psoriasis Group, chaired by Harald Gollnick and Thomas Luger and myself, begins to prepare the 3rd International Psoriasis Congress to be held in Paris from 1- 4 July 2010.
A preliminary meeting was held during the EADV in Paris, in order to propose a list of topics of interest for practitioners. At this stage, the draft programme is only a proposal designed for the further input of your comments and suggestions.
Thus, we would like to invite you to contribute to the scientific programme of the Congress, in the quality of coordinator of your respective national psoriasis group, or as recognised expert in the field. We would be very pleased if you could contribute with proposals on the topics and speakers for the 2010 Congress, before 15/12/2008 (to
We will do our best, as in 2007, to open the 2010 Congress to the diversity of international expertises.
Best regards,
W. Sterry

 PS : This message has also been sent to you via regular mail

Dear friends,

The 29 October has become the World Psoriasis Day (WHO-recognized) thanks to the initiative of IFPA, the International Federation of
Psoriasis Associations. Like every year, IFPA will make a report of all the activities conducted by its member associations on this occasion.
Psoriasis International would like to help in the WPD celebrations. In view of signaling this milestone, we invite your psoriasis group to
share through the network the activities you have been planning for this day, hopefully in collaboration with the patient associations in your
country. We will be taking an inventory of the activities being carried out by  medical groups all around the world. The goal is to exchange ideas.
*We are also looking for news on the construction of the Slovak  psoriasis website and its connection with Could you please brief us on this?*
Thanks in advance for your contribution.
Très amicalement, Louis Dubertret
Cheila Ramalho International Psoriasis Network Fondation René Touraine
Tel : +33 (0)1 53 72 20 80 Fax: +33 (0)1 53 72 20 61

Dear EADV member
The letter below is sent to you on behalf of the EADV Psoriasis Task Force and the Fondation Rene Touraine

EADV Office


Psoriasis is one of the emblematic diseases in dermatology. The way to take care of our patients is different from country to country and from patient to patient, hence the need to share experiences.
To foster connections between dermatologists and between patient associations, the website has been created.
To inform all those interested in psoriasis in the world, a monthly newsletter will be sent. You can check out the 1st newsletter at the following address:
If you want to receive it on a regular basis, please subscribe here.

Skupina psoriázy 

Medzinárodná sieť skupín psoriázy zhromaźďujúca dermatologológov z celého sveta bola utvorená pod záštitou Fondation René Touraine a vrámci  EADV’ Task Force (Pracovnej sily) pre psoriázu. Bolo to rozhodnuté na founding meeting –u Psoriasis International Network a potom odsúhlasené 30-timi krajinami na Psoriatickom Internationalnom  Congrese 2007. Dve hlavné komunikačné nástroje boli dané do centra tejto siete: organizovanie internationalnweho  kongresu každé 3 roky a website.
Www stránka je teraz dostupná! Stránka bola prestavená ako nástroj na podporu výmeny informácií o psoriáze medzi zainteresovanými (zaujímajúcimi) dermatologists v každej krajine, a rovnako aj na zlepšenie internacionálnej spolupráce. Táto stránka tiež uvíta registráciu pacientskych asociácií ochotných pripojiť sa na sieť. Stránka bola vypracovaná vďaka privátnym donáciám a je nezávislá na farmaceutickom priemysle, ale je otvorená aj na spoluprácu s ním. 
Ak je už vo vašej krajine vytvorená pracovná skupina pre psoriázu a má vlastnú www stránku, môžete zriadiť na ňu (nej) prepojenie. Pre praktické inštrukcie prosíme choďte na
Ak je už vo vašej krajine vytvorená pracovná skupina pre psoriázu ale nemá doteraz www stránku,  môžete si ju voľne vytvoriť. Pre praktické inštrukcie Prosíme choďte na

Ak vo vašej krajine zatiaľ nie je vytvorená pracovná skupina pre psoriázu a ju chcete vytvoriť, praktické informácie o tom ako vytvoriť národnú skupinu pre psoriázu zíklate kliknutím sem na kliknite sem.
Je samozrejme možné vytvoriť vašu národnú www stránku vo vašom domácom jazyku. Avšak pre vzájomnú výmenu v internacionálnej časti musia byť v angličtine, tak aby mali prospech  všetci. Pre viac informácií o národných www stránkach a ďalších službách ponúkaných, kliknite sem.
Ako bolo určené na zakladajúcej schôdzi, International Congress nám umožní každé 3 roky konsolidovať výmeny začaté na webe. Congress bude v Paríži kvôli administratívnym  podmienkam; 30 % prospechu  pôjde národným psoriasis group in účet ich organizácií a 70 % na koordináciu medzinárodnej siete. Ďalší Congress sa uskutoční 1-4 July 2010 a organizuje ho Wolfram Sterry a Thomas Luger a Harald Gollnick, z nemeckej psoriatickej skupiny.
Web office je vám k dispozícii ak budete potrebovať ďalšie informácie. Môžete kontaktovať  Cheila Ramalho, zodpovedného za International Psoriasis Network, na nasledovnej addrese:
Všetko najlepšie,
Louis Dubertret

An international network gathering dermatologists’ psoriasis groups of all over the world has been created under the aegis of the Fondation René Touraine and within the framework of the EADV’s Task Force on psoriasis. This has been decided at the founding meeting of the Psoriasis International Network and then agreed by 30 countries at the 2007 Psoriasis International Congress. Two main communication tools were put to the heart of this network: the organization of an international congress every 3 years and a website.
The website is now available! The site was conceived as a tool to promote exchanges on psoriasis between interested dermatologists in each country, as well to facilitate international collaborations. This site will also welcome the registration of patient associations willing to join the network. The site was set up thanks to a private donation and it is independent from the pharmaceutical industry, although it is open to collaborations with it.
If there is already a working group on psoriasis in your country with a website of its own, you can establish a link to it. For practical instructions please go to
If there is already a working group on psoriasis in your country but it does not have a website yet, you can create one for free. For practical instructions please go to
If in your country there isn’t a working group on psoriasis yet and if you wish to set one up, you can find practical information on how to form a national group on psoriasis by clicking here.
It is possible to create your national website in your national language of course. However, interactions in the international part of the website must be in English so that all can benefit. For more information on the national websites and the other services offered by, click here.
As decided at the founding meeting, an International Congress will allow us every 3 years to consolidate the exchanges initiated on the web. The Congress will take place in Paris due to administrative convenience; 30% of the benefits will go to the national psoriasis group in charge of its organization and 70% will go to the coordination of the international network. The next Congress will take place from 1-4 July 2010 and it is organised by Wolfram Sterry with Thomas Luger and Harald Gollnick, from the German psoriasis group.
The web office is at your disposal if you shall need further information. You can contact Cheila Ramalho, responsible for the International Psoriasis Network, at the following address:
Best regards, Louis Dubertret

We are very pleased to learn about the creation of a psoriasis Slovak group and of your willingness to create a website through
For practical instructions please click on
The web office is at your disposal for any questions you may have.
Best regards,
Cheila Ramalho
International Psoriasis Network
Tel : +33 (0)1 53 72 20 80